1/15/2020 – JV Girls Basketball vs. Aragon

On Wednesday, January 15th, the JV Girls Basketball team took on the Aragon Dons in the Athletic Director Advisory Committee (ADAC) game of the week. The Panthers started off with an early lead thanks to a 3-pointer by the ADAC Player of the Game, sophomore Samantha Palacio. After a slow start, the Dons tied the game and continued to score throughout the second quarter. Sophomore Riley Coleman made a buzzer beating 3-point shot at the end of the first half to keep the Panthers alive. The Panthers started off the second half with a strong press and were able to force multiple quick turnovers by the Dons. The Panthers closed the gap with a scoring streak and after a 3-pointer by sophomore Kylie Cochran, back-to-back layups by sophomore Grace DeLuca, another 3-pointer by sophomore Riley Coleman, a layup by junior Melanie Gordon, and 2 made free throws by freshman Vanessa Li. The panthers were on top again,leading 36-32. The Dons took the lead with 1:28 left in the game. Unfortunately, the Panthers ranout of time and lost to the Dons in a very close and very exciting game.
Coach Joel Jackson said that they team had been focusing a lot on their press as well as going back to basics with ball handling and skills work. Coach Joel specifically liked the teams intensity in the third quarter and wants to work on playing with that same amount of intensity for the rest of the season.